Dear friends...

It is with a very heavy heart that the Thief team has to say goodbye. We tried, we really wanted to open our doors again, but it’s not possible right now. There are a few reasons, and most of them are obvious, unfortunate, and very frustrating. But this message is not about that. This message is to thank you all. Thank you for the incredible experiences, laughs, and shared bottles of really amazing wine! Thank you for your support, smiles and familiarity with our space. Thank you for making Thief so special for all of us. It has been such an honour to work alongside the incredible ladies and gentlemen that made Thief what it was.

It was our home, and it made us feel really wonderful when some of you also saw it as that. We loved feeding and wining you! We all really hope that we will be able to again one day. Until then, I hope that you continue to drink all the delicious wines our beautiful country has to offer, support small and local businesses, and look after yourselves in these crazy times. We will truly miss you. But, hopefully, we will rise from the ashes again one day.

Thank you, once again, for all your support over the years. I really do hope that we will meet again sometime in the future.

Our Staff

Elena Venzo